It seems every 20 selections or so, I repeat an artist. Even though there are 785 songs, I really do have some favorites. This one was inspired by what I’m doing in the studio.

My work on the WATN series has ramped up as I have an upcoming exhibition. Two ideas have been sitting off the side as I worked on the larger pieces and have only existed as Photoshop collages. I think I’ve been hesitating to start them as I feel the balance between the images I’m appropriating and my additions are less balanced than the Migrant Mother works, where I am adding quite a bit of oil paint to Dorothea Lange’s original image. So, I’m not as confident in the impact of the image as it relates to what I want to express.

But really, I hesitate because my additions are mainly signage, and I just hate lettering.

WATN, Hobuber #3 WIP, 2021

HobUber #3, WIP. Oil and Toner Transfer on Panel, 16″x20″

I was rather certain that the Migrant Mother’s works would come out as planned, and they’ve exceeded my expectations. But I am less confident in these two ideas.  But a big deadline approaches. So, I quickly finished the toner transfers and started the painting. And I couldn’t be happier (so far, lettering is still to be started).

Hobos were the second Depression Era ‘gig’ I wanted to contend with, and Uber drivers were the obvious choice to pair with the itinerant workers. Coincidentally, as I painted last night, this week’s selection came up, and it fit the Hobo theme nicely.

Things not going well? You should go out west. For his third appearance, here’s some Tom Waits.