Tomb of the Unknown Worker

Tomb of the Unknown Worker (2013 Installation).

I had the opportunity to create an installation in the Window on Broad, a small exhibition space at my former Grad School’s Gallery. I had the inclination to use objects leftover from my MFA Installation, however, I didn’t want to repeat the same themes.

Clock-In was more of a shrine to a worker, the space elevated and lighted like an apse in a Cathedral. But at the time I was offered the space I was severely underemployed, taking on random gigs as they came and teaching one or two classes. So I didn’t feel like venerating work.

Just weeks prior to the installation date,  I visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in DC and the experience was fresh in my mind. And as the space was small, a pared-down installation could give the sense of loss and isolation I was feeling. So I created a tombstone of sorts, with the timeclock atop a pillar, surrounded by the gray office carpet, the only color the institutional green clock. I also placed the timecard holder, empty, and off to the side as a subtle indication of the lack of work. Finally, the time-clock’s sound was recorded, hollowed out, and piped through a small speaker above the window.