This quarter system is really messing with my personal projects. I went from a T/Thu to a M/W/F schedule, and my normal Friday posts have been screwed for a month.

So, while my students toil away here, I sit trying to think of a song that’s caught my ear from the mix. I don’t often take requests in class; I’m a snob about music, but lately, one student has made some great suggestions. Today, we are listening to Sufjan Stevens (who may just end up on the mix).

But the other day, they mentioned this week’s selection, which sent me down the rabbit hole. I played them all day, from the first album to the most recent, which is a feat as they have a giant catalog. This is one of the few artists who does not have one bad album- not one. All are absolute bangers, as the kids say. Very few artists have this honor in my book; The Roots are one example; Bjork and Beck are others.

Though with such a vast amount of songs to choose from, I had difficulty picking. So you all get two!

The first is from the first album, and the second is not from the most recent, but from an album that represents a huge shift in their style. I was unsure of this band’s direction when the second choice came out. It took some time and lots of listening, but I came around, and this new style really became all this band was to me. Especially as their earlier work was released when I was in High School, and a lot of that music, while nostalgic and fun, reminds me too much of a time and place. I rarely went back to the first three albums until I decided to play their albums from beginning to end. And damnit, those earlier albums are incredible.

If you haven’t guessed the band yet, dear reader, it is Radiohead. IYKYK.