Where Are
They Now?

From the Great Depression to the Gig Economy

Gig #2, (2021)

Oil and Toner Transfers on 25 Wood Panels, 45″x60″

Where Are They Now: Gig #2, (2021)

Oil and Toner Transfers on 25 Wood Panels, 45″x60″

The second “Gig” in the Where Are the Now project came about because clearly, the Migrant Mother would need more than one job. Especially considering how much Walmart pays and cuts hours to avoid providing healthcare. She has kids to feed!

As an underpaid worker myself, I’ve shopped at Target. I worked in the suburbs so it was convenient, but I mainly went there because it was the most affordable option near where I worked (and I tried to avoid Walmart at all costs. In the years I shopped there I observed something odd; on more than one occasion the employee checking me out was wearing a worn-out, faded red shirt. One, in particular, had rather threadbare sleeves. This happened so frequently that I wondered what Target’s uniform policy was. I started noticing every uniform and realized that they were all completely different. All red, but of varied styles and qualities.

With some research, I found that Target does not provide uniforms, employees must provide their own (bought right there at Target I’d bet). And considering Target only recently started paying their employees $15/hr (still not enough in my estimation), some employees might not be able to afford one new outfit, let alone several.

So, for Flo’s second gig, I painted her somewhat worn shirt red. Looks like she may need yet another job to afford a better set of red shirts.