Much like last week, it seems I am beginning to repeat artists every 20 posts or so.

But this week was inspired by International Women’s Day, and the title of the album this track comes from is more than appropriate for today.

As I say in Selection #24, I first heard this band in college. The first I heard of them was their more poppy second album. I didn’t listen to the debut record for a few years as I often glom on to the first album I hear of an artist and never let go. Many of my favorite albums are precisely my favorite because it was my first exposure to an artist.

But discovering this album was a revelation, and is the only album on the mix from this artist. It’s much less poppy (not a bad thing), more strange, sampley, and fitting for an art-making mood. It also seems more reflective of the band as the whole album is food-themed, and their name, Cibo Matto, means “crazy food.”

This is Sugar Water, from the appropriately named, Viva! La Woman. Happy International Women’s Day.

Viva indeed.