Last December I posted on Instagram about some imminent big news:


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That news was going to be about my brand new giant studio located in the 3-car garage behind my new house. When asked by the realtor while arriving at our first viewing, “what do you want to see first,” I made a bee-line to the garage. A garage this size in this part of Denver is as rare as an affordable house in this market. It would have afforded me the largest space I’ve had since Grad School. Enough room for several easels, a segregated wood shop, a proper shop sink, a living room area with a couch, records, and library, a separate office area, and a wet bar. Yes, a wet bar.

But here’s the rub. The previous owner built the structure themselves so as you can imagine they built it as wrong as they possibly could. When a structural engineer took a look, without hesitation, they said “I wouldn’t want to be in here after a heavy snow.” We started noticing the spaces between plywood supports indicating a sagging roof. Now as most people have asked at this point in the story, why didn’t your inspection catch these problems before you bought? Well, we did request a structural engineer to look at the garage but were denied by the owner for various reasons. But we were assured the garage was fine, and by all external appearances, was fine.

Plans dashed. Dreams delayed. A lawsuit is being considered.

SO, all this to say, I have moved into a new, new studio! Riot Bus Studios is, for now, located at the Globeville Riverfront Arts Center (GRACe). a delightful warehouse subdivided into studio spaces and galleries.

Riot Bus Studios at GRACe

Riot Bus Studios at GRACe