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Just added this tune to my Studio Mix.

Interestingly this was written in response to GWB and his immoral and illegal war in Iraq, as well as horrifying environmental and economic policies.

Check this line:

“This ain’t a “Love it or leave it,” it’s a “Change it or lose it.”
I’ll never sing the anthem of a nation who never faces the music,
Chasing an ever-elusive caveman
in space ships that makes trips to the futures that are name-brand.”

In another verse, Sage Francis mentions how GWB profited off of war much as he inherited his fortune.

“Individual One” inherited his wealth, and profited off of conflict. Nice parallel there.

And not honoring an anthem, (red flag) when we refuse to contend with our history is the very basis for Kaepernick’s protest and an essential component of the BLM movement.

This country hasn’t lived up to ist’s promise. Better yet, it hasn’t lived up to the needs of its current inhabitants, so the struggle of 20 years ago, hell the struggle of 50 years ago, is still our struggle.

Not much has changed in 20 years. #fromgreatdepressiontogigeconomy

Here’s the full playlist: