Late post this week, considering I spent most of yesterday lamenting and writing about the demise of women’s privacy and body autonomy.

So it was hard to even make a selection from my mix that would be appropriate to the moment. I could have easily chosen something moody from Lux Prima by Karen O. But I decided for a more defiant mood with Sleeter Kinney.

I think the latter really hits the spot. This is a band I need to be more familiar with, and thus only recently added it to the mix while getting back into post-punk.

I couldn’t choose between two songs, so I’ll share them both. They encapsulate what the Right Wing doesn’t realize about women. They don’t wanna join your club.

no, I don’t think you wanna mess around up there

everything you do comes back to stare at you.

Enjoy, and let’s make them regret coming for women. Let’s vote the fuckers out.