While I normally have music in mind to play in class, this week, I’ve been sick and busy designing renovations to my basement and a model stand for my studio for what I hope will be some weekly figure-drawing sessions. So, in a rare move, I asked my students for any requests. I am usually loath to suggestions as I am a control freak with what plays in my spaces (like the car but especially the studio). But today, my brain is tapioca, and I needed music to listen to and feature in today’s post.

Luckily, a student’s suggestion hit the spot and has officially been added to the Studio Mix. I have vague memories of this artist and am quite surprised they aren’t a huge part of my repertoire. Listening to one of their albums today reminded me of trip-hop like Dj Shadow, neo-soul like The Roots, old-school and lo-fi hip-hop like De La, rap jazz like Digiable Planets, and the DJ craze of the late 90s-early 2000s like Fatboy Slim and the like. This makes sense, as my students said this artist was one of the influences of the experimental and genre-bending music of the 90s underground.

Their death was what I probably remembered, dying all too young in a car accident. But their discography and influence is vast. So much so that it was hard to pick. So, I’m going with the first track from Nujabes’ second album, Modal Soul.