I started writing this post about 3 weeks ago and completely forgot about it. That’s the type of second Fall term I’ve had: busy and busier. And at risk of being repetitive, the Quarter system is bonkers.

That said, this tune came up in class (three weeks ago). I thought I had already shared this selection, so I searched through the blog and didn’t find it. Then I remembered I had intended to post one of their angrier songs after the Dobbs decision… or some other Republican wet-dream come true, but pivoted to a more optimistic and inspiring tune from Brittany Howard.

Though this isn’t the angry song I had originally intended, I’ll save that for the next civil-rights-shattering decision. So, I’ll post one of my other favorites.

This band was always on my mental periphery, a known name, but other than one or two songs, I never gave them a serious listen (I seem to do that a lot). But then Portlandia came out 10+ years ago and it was widely reported that Carrie Brownstein was a pot-punk rock star first and comedic actor second. Considering how brilliant she was at her second job, I thought it was time to give Sleater Kinney a good listen.

This trio might just be my favorite post-punk group in tight contention with the Pixies. And while I was a bit late to the game, Sleater Kinney has become a staple in the mix.