Quick post today as I just finished my first quarter at a new school, and final crits have me drained.

So today’s selection just came up on random right as my students were leaving, and it seemed to fit my utter end-of-term exhaustion that accompanies those final submissions and last-ditch efforts to improve a grade.

Also, who the hell does quarters for College? Cramming that much info into eight weeks cannot be that effective in teaching art. I did trimesters in college, and that was intense enough.

Anyways, here’s the Pixies, who have been on the periphery of my musical radar since college, and though I always liked them, I never gave them a good solid listen until the last 3 or so years. I love post-punk and so regret not getting really into them until relatively recently. Because, well, I need to scream into some whiskey right now.