Quick one this week as I’m prepping for a suddenly busy semester at a new school.

A good friend just had the honor of visiting our High School Art Teacher, Floyd Tunson’s studio. This friend mentioned what Tunson was playing in his studio, and sent me this tune. Much of my mix music is from what other artists listen to in their spaces. This will be the second one taken from Tunson’s musical taste.

After adding it to the mix I went down a musical rabbit hole that reminded me how much I used to listen to this genre growing up. I loved the blues from the moment I heard John Lee Hooker belt out that first Boom Boom. And RL Burnside quickly became a favorite. Some of my favorite tunes are ones he’s collaborated on with hip-hop artists, and this tune really demonstrates how Blues as a genre inspired all great American Music.

As a side note, Tunson will have a solo show at Kreuser Gallery in C-Springs, opening September 1st. I’ll be there.