I’m eyeball-deep in commission work, which I greatly appreciate due to the challenge of the work as well as the income.

But as tonight is my traditional studio night, where I get to return to my night-owl ways and drink some beers, watch weird movies, and make some work, I need to re-ground myself in the reasons why I do what I do, I am compelled to speak to big earth-shattering economic issues that have affected me personally. If you weren’t aware, I am a former part-time political and Union organizer. So I want my work to similarly communicate with and educate folks, maybe shift their worldview, and in an ideal world, make some change however small it may be.

This song helpfully pops up on the mix whenever I need to be reminded of this, So I share it with you today.

I cannot remember when I discovered this tune. It appears on my 2021 best-of-the-year mix. Beyond that, I have no recollection of when I first heard it. Could have been a Spotify recommendation. Could have been on a Tickie-Tock or Insta Realy-Reel. But it popped up somewhere and has become one of those songs that give me hope and inspire me to get involved. Much like Sam Cooke’s A Change Is Gonna Come, I can’t help but be motivated after a listen.

Born in the US, this artist grew up in Zimbabwe. She was a gymnast, an MTV Real Worl cast member, and an activist.