It’s rare that a student actually enjoys the music I play in class. I try to play tunes that at least act as a good background, like jazz or chill Alternative. But invariably, soon after I hit play, earbuds are subtly inserted.

But I don’t so much play music for them; I mean, I’m at work and need to enjoy myself as much as possible. To that end, I throw on the Studio Mix for my personal listening. Admittedly, I secretly want to see how they react (especially to the really weird stuff).

As occasionally a joke, whenever a student does have headphones in, I give them shit for not listening to my weird music. But when I did that in class this week while playing one of my favorites, Thelonious Monk, a student said, “Well, you were playing Deltron 3030 the other day, and I can get with that,” referring to the previous class when the studio mix was playing.

So I naturally stopped Monk and put on some Deltron 3030, a mainstay of the studio mix, in the hopes said student enjoyed the class that much more, and admittedly, so I seem a bit cooler to my young hip Estudiantes.

I first heard Del that Funkee Homosapien as a guest artist on one of my all-time favorite hip-hop albums, Handsome Boy Modeling School’s So, How’s Your Girl. And the tune he appears on, Magnetizing, is one of my favorite tracks. I immediately bought a few of his albums and side projects and quickly became a fan. This fandom quickly included his group, Deltorn 3030, which includes his Handsome Boy collaborator, Dan the Automator. His rhymes are innovative, futuristic, unexpected, clever, weird, rapid, meandering, and dope as hell. And great for inspiring creativity in the studio