I took last week off for my second annual Father’s Day weekend hike. This year, we did the Race Track/Dead-Bird Trails in Salida, CO, a wonderful moderate hike with beautiful rock formations.

This weekend promises to be almost as busy with the Denver Pride Parade, to which I will take my family to support our Rainbow Mafia friends, family, and community as a whole. I myself will don a Star Trek Pride shirt while the fam will wear similarly colorful shirts and shoes, including a rainbow dinosaur shirt on the offspring. We want the community to know that these cis folks are here, available for hugs, and will support you in these uncertain and trying times.

I nearly forgot it was Pride month, even with all of the faux-indignant boycotts of Target and Bud Light. So With the selections this month, I wanted to celebrate LGBTQ+ artists.

Last week was a bit of an accidental selection as it wasn’t intended for Pride Month, but David Bowie’s gender and sexuality have always been fluid, once even saying he was gay. So I’m counting it.

This week I wanted to pick one of my favorite songs from last year and a very recent addition to the Studio Mix.

The lead vocals just stick with me, haunting in that Benjamin Clementine kinda way, strong and passionate while also vulnerable and welcoming. In the song, Anohni fronts the dance group Hercules and Love Affair. Anohni came out as Transgender in 2005, though she didn’t change her pronouns until 2015 and her name in 2016. Demonstrating how fluid and gradual the process can be. What a wonderful thing to experience, something I don’t know enough about but want to so I can better support the myriad of trans youth I’ve taught over the years.

Anohni herself says, “The trans condition is a beautiful mystery; it’s one of nature’s best ideas. What an incredible impulse, that compels a five-year-old child to tell its parents it isn’t what they think it is. Given just a tiny bit of oxygen, those children can flourish and be such a gift. They give other people licence to explore themselves more deeply, allowing the colours in their own psyche to flourish.”

Amen, and amen.

And, enjoy.