I’m sure you will be surprised as heck by this week’s selection. I mean, I’m a young Gen Xer / old Millenial. So this choice seems way out of character.

But before I continue, let’s talk about my generation. I suppose Xennial is the term? We used to be called Gen Y. Xennial sounds too much like Mellenial, a generation who came of age near the Millennium. I don’t feel like I came of age near the turn of the century; I was out of college by then. And like Xers, I grew up with analog phones, three to four TV channels I had to change manually, and music that magically appeared in a small box via these magic things called radio waves.

And while I also experienced the Internet revolution and cell phones at an age where they were easily adopted, I still feel distant from Millenials. And though I am also cynical and grumpy as hell, I feel too young to be an Xer. So can we all go back to being Gen Y?

All that to say, I’m old, and this selection may surprise you, considering this rant about generational differences.

Wait for it..

Wait for it…

Wait for it….



JK, it’s Tom Waits. I’m a 45-year-old straight white dude, so of course, I love Tom Waits. And today’s dreary, overcast weather demands some Waits. And as with many songs that this mix is built from, it appears on the Basquiat soundtrack.