This new homeowner just discovered a fact that anyone who has attempted DIY home improvements knows well, the time you think the project will take must be multiplied by 150, then add the number of amateur engineers in the room divided by the amount of coffee available, then multiplied again by the weight of the lumber divided by your age.

In other words, I’m behind on posting.

So, as today is a cool and dreary one, I am sharing a classic chill tune that comes from the mix. I dislike certain bands solely because of the limited selection of music that played on the radio when I was younger. For the youths out there, radio was a thing kind of like streaming, where sounds were sent to a device in your car via vibrations emitted by Jerry Garcia, an old troll creature fueled by mushrooms and magic,

This band was one of those where I had only heard two or three of their songs over and over again, songs that I, to this day, can’t stand. It wasn’t until a good friend recommended I listen to the rest of their catalog that I discovered most of their music was worthy of the Studio Mix.

I’m not sure where I first heard Waiting on a Friend by the Stones, but it fits so well with other studio songs like It’s All Over Now Baby Blue from Van Morrison and I’m Waiting for the Man from Velvet Underground that I can’t remember a time I didn’t love the song.

The first few guitar riffs do it for me every time, and Mick wonderfully and casually rambles his way through a simple narrative. And the video is just great; you can tell the director had a great idea, but the band members, likely hungover (or still high), just didn’t care. Watch as they barely try their way through the song. They occasionally forget, then remember that they are in a music video. And the end is the best, where they sarcastically pretend to play in a cramped bar.