This week’s selection came up twice in a row at random today, so I took that as a sign to share.

This is one of those memorable college-radio-era bands (late 90’s for those wondering), and since the lead singer Miho Hitori has made recognizable appearances on albums by Handsome Boy Modeling School and The Gorillaz, as well as has entire albums on the studio mix.

I even got to see them perform at the Philadelphia Museum of Art of all places, singing at the base of the main staircase with just a mic and a mixer, a venue normally occupied by jazz or classical music artists.

You’ve definitely heard Cibo Matto as a guest vocalist or with mainstream success pop hits like Spoon, but the stuff that appears on my mix trends towards the Avante Garde. They can be funky, poppy, or just weird, but they are always a good listen.