Riot Bus Studios ltd, studio view

Riot Bus Studios ltd

It’s been several weeks since I posted this now bi-weekly music selection. I have been finishing my garage art studio, which has mostly involved installing the insulation that has occupied a significant amount of the space. This also necessitated the installation of a garage heater, a task I had to hand off to an expert. If you know the weather in CO, especially as of late, you know how pressing these tasks were. Plus I tend to work in the evenings when temps have been in the single digits.

The main reason for finally, after more than a year, getting the space ready, was that I had a March 1st deadline to submit to a group show, creating the extra incentive to cram insulation, find cheap carpet tiles, and harass my electrician. Funny story, the March 1st Deadline was one that I had set for myself in order to be early for the actual March 20th deadline, a fact I had forgotten, which put everyone I know through the stress of rushing this studio project. So I must say a deepfelt thanks to my Father-In-Law and his ever-so-patient daughter for making this possible.

All that to say I am posting this music selection from my garage office space (seen in the right upper right corner of the image). This one came up at random and seemed to fit the warm cozy mood of my now well-heated space.

People Under The Stairs come up frequently when I’m playing the mix on random. Old school Hip-Hop takes me back to sitting in my friend Jason Chase’s studio, listening to De La Soul, whose entire discography coincidentally is as of today streaming and will begin making appearances in this space. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, enjoy.