I have to run back to the studio to finish some insulation work and start organizing stuff because I have a show submission fast approaching and don’t even have my easel or palette set up. And my son may nap for an hour and a half, or three hours, depending on the random number selector that is the toddler time management / mood center of the brain.

So today’s selection comes from me just hitting random and seeing what came up. And that artist is one of my favorite artists from either the past 35 years or the past 10 depending on how you look at it.

I’ve loved Digiable Planets since I first saw their jazz-infused hip-hop on this random UHF music video channel back in the day when there were only 4 or 5 to select from (Juke Box Network, maybe?). MTV was on the air, but we couldn’t afford Cable. So this is where I discovered P.M. Dawn, early Live, and fell in love with Sade.

Fast forward to my post-grad school years (2011 on), and Ishmael Butler, AKA Butter-Fly of DP, adds another AKA to his resume; Shabazz Palaces. in 2009, he started releasing some of the dopest experimental hip-hop. He calls his work abstract, and while it is, I frequently hear his old band coming through, specifically through his unique cadence and infusion of jazz.

So, as my son has just gone down, and I have an unknown amount of time to do an insurmountable amount of work, I’ll leave you with this week’s selection.