So far, 2023 has been an insanely busy year, yet I feel I haven’t accomplished anything.

One thing I did complete was that previously mentioned job app. if you’re not aware, Academic jobs require a entire reems worth of writing, from the expected cover letter to dissertations on the philosophical underpinnings of higher education’s purpose vis-à-vis the predicted socio-political climate circa the year 2152.

Before my documents were severely edited down, I had written at least 10 pages.

The main thing keeping me from my studio, semester prep, and posting here, has been sleep-training my supremely stubborn toddler. We are two weeks in, and I was up between 1 and 6 am with the little imp waking every time I left his side. There was screaming, gnashing of teeth, and destruction of property (Good Night Moon has seen better days).

So that is all to say, I haven’t had much time to listen to the tunes. But this song came up during the brief 15 minutes of personal time I had yesterday.

I’m not sure where I discovered this band. It’s possible one of their songs popped up on random in the good ole iPod days. I would frequently hit shuffle, and if something good came up, I’d add it to a mix.

At any rate, I don’t know much about the band Vulfpeck beyond this song, and it’s a good tune for the studio.


PS: The two kids dancing in the vid are just incredible.

Featured image by Lu.