It’s been far too long since I’ve posted. Taking on three classes this semester, the holidays, and getting perpetually sick due to living with a tiny yet highly mobile germ vector, have interfered with my personal practice and writing projects.

Plus I don’t exactly have a studio to listen to music in at the moment. I’ve been awaiting winter break to finish insulating and drywalling my garage space.

But I still listen to the mix, especially when grading Art Appreciation papers. So at long last here’s today’s studio mix selection.

This week I am sharing a new discovery, and as I’m eye-ball deep in grading papers and applying for a job, it fits my mood perfectly. My wife and I have been watching Peaky Blinders on Netflix, which is an excellent show especially if you’re into period pieces, the gangster genre, and really, really good music. I whip out my Shazaam at least 3 times an episode to identify whatever excellent song is playing behind that slow-mo hero walk or the ultra-violent fight scene.

The show’s theme is by one of my favorites Nick Cave which should give you an idea of the tenor of the soundtrack. He shows up frequently, along with PJ Harvey, White Stripes, Tom Waits, and lots of great Punk music.

Cabbage’s Uber Capitalist Death Trade comes from a scene where the main character Tommy Shelby is entering the House of Commons, an institution he schemes to take advantage of and disrupt. Which if you listen to the lyrics is quite on point.