News of this artist’s passing this week hit me with the same surprise as when my son smacks me in the face for not letting him play with the knife I’m using to chop garlic. So I had to dive back into their catalog and as I listened to their band I realized I didn’t have any of their tunes on the Studio Mix, which is frankly inexcusable, and dear reader should be cause for you to never read my missives again.

So I’ve been adding a bunch.

Their music is moody, shoe-gazey, loud, quiet, harmonious, deeply spiritual, and just lovely. The harmonies are really the definitive trait now gone with the untimely death of drummer and vocalist Mimi Parker who had been fighting ovarian cancer since 2020.

I saw Low in concert at Colorado College about 20 years ago, and it’s one of the loudest concerts I’ve been to, and I’ve seen Metallica. The grinding guitar is relentless, but as stated, the harmonies between Mimi and her husband Alan are so soft and irresistible. Such a great contrast.