I missed last week so this week you get a twofer.

I was going to pick two interesting but dissimilar artists, but when I landed the first of the two artists I realized they would serve well for both picks.

This artist is likely the most versatile musician I’ve ever heard. I discovered them while exploring music related to Fela Kuti (one of my studio favorites and someone I shared in the early days of the mix ). Their career spans decades and genres from Afrobeat to hip-hop, to rock. He’s led his own bands and has collaborated with everyone from Fela to the Gorillaz; every album is a completely new experience.

His solo work is also a collaborative effort. As he is a percussionist he is able to invite others for lead vocals, again giving each album the potential for something wholly new.

I’ve tried to select two tracks that demonstrate this week’s selections’ adaptability and versatile skill. This is Tony Allen.