Getting back into the habit of posting these weekly, even though I am now completely sure, after an unnoticed month’s hiatus, that absolutely no one is paying attention. But that’s okay, I need the excuse to post something, and frankly, I miss being a Radio DJ where I got to force my particular musical tastes on others, even though no one listened back then either.

So this week’s selection came on tonight and I just love this guy’s voice. It’s a voice that I initially didn’t like when I first heard him gust on Gorillaz’s Hallelujah Money. His cadence doesn’t quite fit the rhythm. But the more I listened to that album (which I just love), the more his voice grew on me.

And now I just love it. And as much as I hate using clichés, his voice is just haunting. Smooth. Just lovely.

So here’s Benjamin Clemintine, Condolence.