Been on Daddy Day Care duty all week, so my creative energy is lacking (for context, my son’s nickname is il Monstroso, the Destroyer).

So for this week’s selection, I’m falling back on my tried and true studio tunes. This one again comes from the initial inspiration for the whole 593-song mix, the Basquiat Soundtrack.

I have a bunch of David Bowie on the mix. (Blackstar is just great), but this is the one that started it all. A Small Plot of Land is David Bowie in his “arty” mode, and while I love his operatic or pop stuff, I think he’s at his best when he gets weird.

On a side note, Bowie’s portrayal of Andy Warhol in the film Basquiat has to be one of the best of any portrayal. Usual his portrayals are one-dimensional, done by some dude in a wig acting “weird.” But Bowie captures Warhol perfectly, at least his public persona. Bowie nails his (possibly performative) self-consciousness, awkwardness, and how he would often seem simultaneously put-off and curious.  Bowie doesn’t impersonate Warhol, and according to the film’s director, he embodied the very personhood of the artist. Watch the recent Netflix series on Warhol, then watch Basquiat and tell me I’m wrong.