Despite Obama’s supposed loss to Romney during the first debate, it was incredibly fun to watch Chris Matthews lose his shit over Obama’s debate performance. By MSNBC’s reaction, you would have thunk that it was election night, Romney wins, and after being sworn in he removes his mask to reveal he was George W. Bush in disguise the whole time (so that’s where he’s been).

“Hey, ev’rybody! ‘Meber me! I had Carl Rove kill Mittens 4 years ago! Hey, ev’rybody, who wants to invade Iran!”

So why does everyone think that Obama lost so badly? Expectations. What we expected was to see a blundering, bewildered gaffe-ridden Romney get spanked by one of the greatest orators in Presidential history.

But according to the All-Day-Opinion-Generating-Media-Machine what we saw was a gestural and aggressive Romney laying a beat-down on the contained and weak Obama.

What actually happened was two carefully thought out campaign strategies played out, and I don’t see any another way they could have played out.

Romney had to be aggressive because was losing ground in the polls and needed to catch peoples attention, especially after looking so inept so frequently on the .

Obama’s campaign expected this and wanted to counter his aggressiveness with the cool, calm, and collected demeanor that worked so well in ’08 against Clinton and a spastic and tense McCain.

(Obama also has an attack-dog in Biden, whom, as we will hopefully see on Thursday, will demonstrate the .)

I will admit that after re-watching the debate in its entirety I was disappointed that Obama didn’t counter Romney on any of his factual errors (and there were plenty of opportunities to do so). He spoke only to his rehearsed talking points and didn’t expect to or plan to respond to Romney’s assertions on the fly, which was his mistake.

He may have been expecting the media to do the fact-checking for him, using his own points as stand-alone proof that he is the better choice, admittedly not the best task to trust them with.

Then again the week since the debate the media and fact-checking organizations have done a decent enough job sifting through .

And if you had paid close attention, Romney did exactly what I ranted about last week, he shook the Etch-A-Sketch and completely erased the narrative he established during his campaign. This only demonstrates the campaign strategy he has deployed before; “shake up” his opinions based on what he thinks will best get him elected.

A strategy that has worked against him and will continue to do so.

To enhance your calm, dear liberal drinkers. In my possibly naive optimism, I think Romney’s debate bump to be temporary, and that the facts will play out in .

Let’s just let things play out over the next couple of debates, expect to see both candidates alter strategy post-debate, and look forward to Biden doing what he does best on Thursday night.