So Romney is failing miserably at convincing voters that he has the economic credentials to “fix” the economy, which is THE single issue he is resting his campaign on (at least part of his staff thinks so, ).

And according to his economic training at the School-For-Rich-People-Who-Need-To-Allay-Their-Guilt-For-Being-Rich, 47% percent of Americans are freeloading non-taxpayers who depend on Obama to wipe their asses and feed them their food-stamped Mac ‘n’ Cheese, while the real Americans, like him, pay lots and lots of taxes.

This is funny because he doesn’t pay income taxes, so he must not care about himself, or people like him who also don’t pay income tax and benefit from Government largess, so what he really means is he does care about those of us who do pay taxes and struggle day to day, so in a brilliant campaign move he is reaching out to progressive voters and bucking his rich backers. He really cares! Vote Romney!

Or maybe he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about.

He is also failing to prove his foreign policy chops by yelling at the President for a statement never made about an attack that hadn’t happened as of said statement. Because the best way to handle an extremely explosive situation is by defending an offensive film with worse production value than porn, in which the only way to convince people to participate is by lying to them and dubbing over their lines with vitriolic hate-mongering bullshit .

If the half of his campaign that realizes his economic record is weak wins over the other half, then what they have left is foreign policy, which even prior to Romney’s glowing review of “the Innocence of the Muslims” was confused and unapologetically misinformed.

So to conclude, we got this. Even conservative’s attempt at suppressing the vote is struggling to survive.

And when a 12-year-old from Colorado knows that you don’t have a chance, you know you’re screwed