I felt it necessary to revisit my earlier post about fascism’s return under the guise of the anti-choice supreme court decision. I realize I was trying and failing to not be another dude talking about Abortion. I was just traipsing around the issue; I brought up fascism, the racist origins of the forced-birth movement, and the Christian justification for reproductive choice. And while I feel it was a decent bit of writing, I think I missed the mark on what I, as a white cis male, have to say. And what I have to say isn’t about Abortion.

So if you are a woman, girl, trans man, or otherwise have a uterus, this is not for you. If you are pro reproductive choice, this is not for you. Feel free to read on, but this is just for us cis-dudes.

So Uterus-bearing humans may close this tab now (and they may well want to, as there will be a joke regarding male genitalia later on).

Okay, Broseph, just so you know, this decision to roll back 50 years of legal precedent will hurt you, too, more than I think you realize. And not in the ways you may think. Whether you’re in a relationship where Abortion is deemed necessary, your 10-year-old daughter was raped, or you didn’t strap one on and are now about to be a parent with that one random cutie from that one crazy bar crawl. Those hypothetical situations are not what you need to worry about right now, at least in the context of our little cis-man-to-cis-man conversation here. This decision will affect you directly; forget just for a moment how this will affect those who can bear children. They, I suspect, have left the room by now. So this is just between us Brosky’s here.

The Roe v Wade decision was not about Abortion. I’m serious. The case only came about because of someone seeking the right to an abortion amidst highly restrictive Texas laws. But the final decision had less to do with the procedure and more to do with Amendments in the Constitution protecting due process and privacy. The Fourteenth Amendment was interpreted as a right to privacy, and the Ninth has to do with other rights not enumerated in the Constitution because, while impressive, that revealed document cannot cover any and all rights that arise as our society evolves. Legal Abortion was a consequence, but the decision was way broader than that.

Your privacy umbrella post Supreme Court Shit Storm

Your privacy umbrella post-Supreme Court Shit Storm

Ultimately Abortion was legalized as it fit under a larger umbrella of privacy, medical in this case, but it was by no means limited to keeping the government out of the OBGYN’s Office.

Decades of precedent came about because of this giant privacy umbrella. And now that protection is gone. So I hope you can see how this isn’t just about your pregnant wife’s/daughter’s/neice’s/that Trans man you follow in Tiktok’s right to make medical decisions about their body on their own (and yes, the fetus is a part of the body).

This is about that next decision that chips away at your privacy: your right to use contraception, do butt-stuff in the bedroom, marry whomever you want, and who knows what else once that sluice gate is open. And as I argued in that previous post, any narrow religious interpretation from an ancient text can and will be used to justify that loss of privacy. I mean, could your right to wear 50%/50% cotton nylon shirts be next?? While I’m trying to be funny, it’s not hyperbole to suggest that as the Bible has been used to argue against science-based sex-ed, to burn books, vaccinations and other life-saving procedures, soda-pop, what you can and cannot wear, and a myriad of other things we as cis-dudes take for granted as normal, everyday things.

So buckle up, buttercup. This fight is for the right to an abortion but also your right to get that back tattoo of your testicles resting on Home Simpson’s head. Get on the right side of history and vote out the Religious Nationalists and the Fascist cowards.