Relaxed but effective

The process of making a drawing from start to finish that we were taught was very relaxed but effective. I also liked how the instructor encouraged everyone/made sure we all knew we had the potential to make great art.

I thought I knew almost everything

As a student who has been in the world of art from a young age, I thought I knew almost everything I needed to know technique-wise. This was me being short-minded as I learned a lot in David’s class. I would gladly recommend any of David’s classes to...


My only wish is that the semester was longer, so we could learn more!

Quality over being on time

What I liked best was the amount of materials we got to try out and work with as well as learning new techniques and tricks. I appreciated that he was someone who preferred quality over it being on time obviously that didn’t mean turning in every assignment late...


I really enjoyed taking this class! David Chatfield gave very helpful demos that have taught me techniques that improved my drawing immensely this semester. It seemed like David also was intuitive on what our class needed, whether we needed extra studio time for...