And make sure to roll that R like your tongue is one of those Skydancer wavy-guys you see at Car Dealerships on a windy day.
Seriously, after 8 days of sincere attempts to speak Sesame Street level Italian out of respect for our hosts, my mouth feels like I have been giving airport bathroom BJs to every anti-gay Republican in the House.
So I’ve been away from the news, but I come back to the semi-occasional renewal of the Patriot-If-You-Disagree-With-It-You-Hate-America-And-Kittens-Act.

And in a rare instance, I found myself appreciating the fact that Rand Paul (named after an author whose book his Dad was reading while banging his Mom apparently) was doing his best to delay the Act’s renewal
This is one of those times where we Progressives and our Libertarian friends agree, much like the coalition that legalized the Buddha-Bud in my home-State of Colorado, you would think there is enough bipartisan support to eliminate the post- 9/11 fear-driven Government Overreach that to this day, is not working to protect us one bit.
So much so that they failed their own efficacy tests leading to the chief inner-thigh-caresser stepping down.
I just traveled overseas and when going through security not one item of clothing came off. I even started removing my belt and the Italian security guy, whilst mumbling “stupido americano” under his breath, gestured to me not to bother.
The same thing happened at Heathrow when we tried to remove our shoes during a layover on our way to the Middle East. We were laughed at.
One problem is that the American people can’t seem to decide if they like Patriot Act or want to limit it’s primary provisions
So we have a confused electorate and Elected Officials who want to scare the crap out of the electorate to get re-elected.
Then it’s left to the Judiciary to decide, but will this court rule in favor of Privacy? Let’s discuss this tonight. Will the JP theorem hold, and without a profit motive will the court rule in favor of our Privacy Rights? Or will Scalia and his Man-sized puppet along with Roberts, Alito (and possibly Kennedy) decide to bend to Conservative Ideology?