Early collage studies and the paintings they became. I appropriated and re-contextualized figures from some of my favorite Matisse paintings. They began as an attempt to reconcile my love of Modern painting with my post-Post-Modern life as a cubicle denizen. They are small art historical jokes but I like the absurdity of placing a nude in a cubicle and the heavy handed painterly sensibility contrasted with the minimalistic office.

I always connected paint with the human hand, the paint as evidence of work. Painting the collages was an act of not only unifying the pictoral space, but the act added my hand, evidence of my own labor, to the dialogue between figure and space. While collage allowed me to heighten the contrast, painting allowed for more subtlety and gave me more control over the narrative. The collages demonstrate a blatant decision to force unrelated images together, but painting, while being as purposeful, is less heavy handed.

With both approaches I am asking the viewer to consider why a naked man is in a bank of office cubicles, to consider the human occupying said space, while reserving the right to explore that question through different methods.

At The Office Study, Collage 9″x12″
At The Office. Oil on Panel 24”x36”
Interactive Study, Collage 9″x12″
Interactive, Oil on Panel 8″x12″